Journal #2

How does one create a food blog that’s different from what everyone else is doing already? I discovered that my take on creating a food blog is to talk as little as I can about food (which sounds like a weird concept) and more about the experiences and thoughts I have when I am eating food. […]

guacarons: the origins

This website was created as an extension of my currently existing food photography Instagram, guacarons. I first created guacarons in June of 2014 because I found that I kept taking photos of appealing meals but I didn’t have a platform to post them onto. Having them on my personal Instagram would annoy my friends that wouldn’t […]

Journal #1

As a student, I feel that there are many ways that we have to portray ourselves on the internet depending on the certain medium being used. The things I would post on Facebook wouldn’t necessarily be things I would post on Twitter or Instagram. The same applies to things I predict I will be posting here (my personal […]