Guacafornia: Irvine Adventures

What’s this, another consistent post? I’m on a roll and my time management skills are strong this semester! I’m back with Day 4 of Guacafornia! If you haven’t seen my previous 3 days/posts, head on over to Guacafornia and get caught up! On day 4 we had a mission of going to Slapfish, a “modern seafood shack” […]

Guacafornia: Disneyland

What’s this? I’m starting to consistently post? (Jokes on you! I pre-wrote this so it makes me look like I’m following some schedule!) This is Day 3 of my Guacafornia series, if you want to read about my previous two days, click on that link! On the third day of my California trip, my boyfriend and I wanted […]

Lettuce Eat Salad!

The best part about having a class at the Downtown campus is all the great restaurants nearby! I recently found out about this new salad place called Field & Social that serves beautiful looking salad in an amazing looking space. The place itself is definitely my style, it’s very minimalist white and wood with copper accents and […]

Journal #12

After reading Adam Goldenberg’s article Online Anonymity is the Last Refuge of Cowards, it made me think more about anonymity on the internet and whether it’s good or bad. Certainly, there must be both positive and negative factors to anonymity like your own privacy on the internet to prevent unwanted strangers from seeing your information is a positive factor. […]

Peer Review #3

The Monochrome Life is a lifestyle blog from the perspective of a student from Vancouver. Her intended audience seems to be young individuals who are also into similar interests and wanting to know more about her life. Each of her blog posts features a short description of her week as well as a photo. Many […]