Belated Birthday Blog (Post)

Last year, the week of my birthday I basically went on a restaurant crawl that lasted a couple days with different people. I visited some new favourites and old favourites of mine that I wanted to share! My like-minded food friends brought me to Basho Cafe  since I’ve been eyeing it forever.

Everything in there just looks so homey and cute, it’s great. This was the first time I wasn’t afraid to stand up to take an overhead shot because there was also a woman there doing the same. I had originally wanted to come here after seeing the huge variety of mini sweets they had, one of which is a matcha brownie mochi thats amazing. (I can only describe food I like with the words amazing and great, which is why I’m not fully cut out to write food reviews, I’m sorry!)  These are two of the limited lunch sets offered at Basho Cafe, Tuna Tataki Salad and Tuna Tataki Rice Bowl. They both come with a cup of soup (this was potato and carrot I think? My memory sucks since this was last year in August…), a mixed veggies/salad and 3 mini sweets!

Basho Lunch Set

This is the very photogenic matcha latte. I’m a phony because I’m so used to drinking the excessively sweetened green tea lattes at Starbucks that I was surprised when I found this unsweetened, which is apparently the ‘correct’ way to drink it. I’m just not cool enough to handle it without a bit of sugar. Side note, as I mentioned this place has cute decor and it went great with my photo, thanks cute plants!

Matcha Latte

On our next stop, another place I had been dying to visit was Crackle Creme. This place is known for uniquely flavoured crème brûlées, waffles and ice cream. I always see Instagram photos of the perfectly scooped ice cream and i’m just in awe because the scoops are always perfect spheres, how does he do it? However, I didn’t try the waffles on my trip there. I had to try the thing they’re most well known for which are the crème brûlées. If I remember correctly, the flavours we got were mango passionfruit, durian and earl grey; like I said, unique flavours! I got courageous again and stood up to take photos, the wooden plank tables outside were great for photos!



The last place I’m going to include was a couple days after my birthday, this is UYU Ice Cream. At that time, this place just opened and all the food instagrammers were flocking over there to get photos of the soft serve at this place. This place has my favourite soft serve in Vancouver, I haven’t even been to that many but I’ve decided that it’s my favourite not only because of the taste but because this place screams AESTHETICS. It’s very pleasing to the eyes when you step food into this small store, the white geometric laser cut wall is beautiful and the graphic design is minimalistic and perfect. When I visited, they had 2 flavours I could choose from: Matcha and Milk. As mentioned before, I love matcha so it would be a perfectly good choice for me to choose that. However, sometimes food instagrammers face the tough decision between choosing something they want to try because they know they’ll like it or choosing something because they know it’ll look good in a photo. Sorry, this is first world problems; but I chose the milk soft serve because I knew it would look good with the toppings I was going to get. So I got the Milk soft serve with freeze dried oranges and freeze dried raspberries. In the end, I still made a good decision because it was tasty!


This is the end of my birthday food journey, but it’s not all the photos and places I went to. Also, if anyone actually reads my blog and reads until the end, you’re the first to get informed that exciting things are happening soon with my Instagram @guacarons! I think I’ll be announcing it next week, so stay tuned!

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