Guacafornia: In-N-Out Burger

I’m back! I’ve come home from my two week long vacation and I’m ready to get back to writing here! I went to California from April 20th to the 27th and I visited A LOT of food places that I had slowly accumulated on my list over the past few months. I’m doing a Guacarons does California blog series AKA “Guacafornia” where I’ll be talking about all the good eats I visited!

After landing at 11am on a sunny Wednesday morning and meeting up with my boyfriend, we decided to go to the one place where anyone in California would go for a quick meal, In-N-Out. I’ve never been to In-N-Out before but I’ve seen many photos of food from there and prior to this trip, I had done all my research and planned out everything; from places to go, to things I would order, I researched it all! The best thing about this California trip was Uber, our lord and saviour.(Shoutout to my boyfriend, who paid for all the Uber trips we took to go to restaurants, you’re the best!) Uber made everything so easy to get to, and it’s relatively cheap! (The tradeoff of $5-7 for not walking 20 minutes in the California heat was worth it in my opinion. ps not a sponsor but i’d be totally into it if uber wanted to help me get to restaurants!) Thanks to our Uber driver Osvaldo when we got to In-N-Out, our game plan was already made: normal Hamburger for me, 3×3 for the bf(from the ‘not-so-secret menu,’ basically 3 patties and 3 slices of cheese), fries animal style (including the cheese, unfortunately) and a neapolitan milkshake.

Neapolitan Milkshake, Animal Style Fries, Hamburger, 3×3 Burger

Of course, this was a great opportunity to take a flat lay photo with my new camera, a Canon G7x! I bought the G7X especially for this trip because its a strong lightweight camera that does a lot of similar things as my usual travel DSLR. I had to order it through US Costco and ship it to my boyfriend in Philly because it’s all sold out in Canada and I was determined to get it.

The first thing I tried was the neapolitan milkshake. Initially I was sad because they didn’t have the milkshake shown in the same way as the photo I’ve seen of it. In the photo, you can clearly see all three flavours in the cup, but I guess it’s a time saver to just do one flavour layered on top of the other instead of all three in separate corners. The first few sips were good, but the more sips I took the harder it was to sip the milkshake up! It was way too thick and dense for me to drink and it didn’t quench my thirst.

The burger I got was good, it was a pretty basic order so not much could have gone wrong (i hope). For the animal style fries, I was really amazed! Apparently it’s known everywhere that In-N-Out’s fries alone aren’t the greatest, but when it’s animal style, that changes everything. The grilled onions along with the thousand island spread was life changing. It was so good that I managed to ignore the little areas of melted cheese that got onto my fries.

Overall I was really impressed with In-N-Out for my first meal in California, so impressed that it would later become my kind-of last meal in California!

Regular Hamburger & 3X3 Burger
Regular Hamburger & 3X3 Burger

In-N-Out Burger
1168 State College Blvd.,
Anaheim, CA


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