Guacafornia: Disney California Adventure

I have the instinct to start all of my blog posts with “I’m back!” because I’ve become a very infrequent blogger since it’s no longer homework for me to write a post, which sucks. It’s hard to make time for school as well as slightly time consuming hobbies like blogging (which is why I post more on Instagram because it takes like a minute). BUT I’M BACK! (Again.) Continuing on with my Guacafornia series, this is day 2 of my California trip.

Day 2 was spent at Disney California Adventure. We got to the park at 9am-ish and went straight to Flo’s V8 Cafe in Cars Land. Choices were very sparse and we decided to share the American Breakfast so we could have room to eat other food later on (read: TURKEY LEGS.) There wasn’t really anything special about this breakfast, but I did like the breakfast potatoes that had red peppers and jalapeños. It was kind of pricey for something that was pretty basic, which is a bit disappointing. We didn’t really read up on where to eat breakfast at DCA.

American Breakfast
American Breakfast from Flo’s V8 Cafe in Cars Land

After our mediocre breakfast (am I being too harsh?), we went on a couple rides and walked around A LOT. Eventually I got hungry again and got the one thing I had been waiting for since I booked this trip. I got a JUMBO TURKEY LEG at Paradise Pier (near the ferris wheel!). The last time I had the jumbo turkey leg was last summer at Disney World and I had mixed feelings about that one because the first few bites were amazing, but then the more bites I took the saltier it tasted and the less I wanted to eat it. This time however, I thought it was perfectly seasoned with the right amount of saltiness, and there were way less tendons in my way of the delicious meat!

Turkey Leg
Jumbo Turkey Leg from Paradise Pier

Now, for the drinks I had at DCA! I had to stop by Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop at Pacific Wharf for some Ice Cream Floats (and free samples of chocolate)! We got samples of a dark chocolate with blackberry filling inside, yum! We shared a Coca Cola Ice Cream Float and it was definitely thirst quenching in the beginning but the coke ran out so fast it was so sad! But luckily we were left with delicious vanilla ice cream so that made up for it! Now looking at the photo I took of it below, I wish I could go back into the moment when I took the photo so I could slightly rotate the cup so the whole logo was visible in the shot! Oh the regrets I have after taking a photo. Our second drink stop was at an Icee stand near Paradise Pier! There was a choice of Blue Raspberry or Cherry and I didn’t know which one I wanted so I just asked for a mix! Turned out to be a good decision for a cool photo! Slurpee-consistency drinks are amazing in this heat.

After our day at California Adventure, we went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner! The lighting is super dark there so all my photos turned out really bad, unfortunately!

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