Guacafornia: Disneyland

What’s this? I’m starting to consistently post? (Jokes on you! I pre-wrote this so it makes me look like I’m following some schedule!) This is Day 3 of my Guacafornia series, if you want to read about my previous two days, click on that link! On the third day of my California trip, my boyfriend and I wanted to continue on with our Disney adventures so we went to the Disneyland Park!

I do a lot of weird pre-planning before my trips, most of them are food related but some of them are random things that I worry about. Weeks before my trip, I followed some Disneyland food instagrammers to look at what kinds of “hidden” food Disneyland has to offer that I wouldn’t normally know of! I’ve been to Disneyland around 4 times, maybe? But I still feel like there are things that I’ve never seen! The Raspberry Rose Mickey Macaron and Pomegranate Silver Sparkler from Jolly Holiday Bakery on Main Street USA were the main food goal of day 3! You guys know I love macarons, hence Guacarons, but surprisingly I don’t really eat macarons that much. This raspberry rose macaron was huge, and full of raspberries! The rose cream was pretty unique because normally I don’t like the taste of floral things in my food. I really loved how the tart raspberries balanced out the sweet macaron shells. There’s also a Passionfruit Mickey Macaron that they offer there, but when I went they didn’t have any in their display.

The Frozen Pomegranate Silver Sparkler was something I was really excited for being I love frozen slushie drinks and I love pomegranates! The drink is topped with this sour lemon-y foam that I wasn’t really fond of because while drinking it, it mostly stayed at the top and when I got close to finishing the slushie part, all I tasted was sourness. I think it would’ve been more balanced out if I mixed them together, but I didn’t want to ruin how it looked.

Frozen Pomegranate Silver Sparkler from Jolly Holiday Bakery
Frozen Pomegranate Silver Sparkler from Jolly Holiday Bakery

This was mainly a snack day for us because we didn’t know where to go for an actual full meal. Throughout the day, we had popcorn and corndogs and apple slices which kept us satisfied until dinner. We decided to go for a quick dinner at Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney because I remember going there previously and enjoying it. However, along the way we stopped by California Churros for the Oreo Churros! They have a couple unique flavours there, including Grape and Strawberry but they sounded like weird churro flavours so we went with the Oreo ones. Turns out, the Oreo Churros are the smallest ones because they come with the dipping sauce.

Oreo Churro and Dipping Sauce
Oreo Churro and Dipping Sauce

Side note, when you want to enter the general “area” which is the space between the parks and downtown disney, you have to get your bag checked at these tables. We went from outside into the general area to go to Disneyland in the morning then from Downtown Disney back into the general area to get to the quicker route back to our hotel and both of those times (as well as when we crossed the area from Day 2) we were “randomly” selected to walk to the side and go through the metal detectors without our bags. It happened so much to us that it got kind of ridiculous. I guess my boyfriend and I look sketchy?

Anyways, back to Earl of Sandwich. The first time I went, I got the Berry Chicken Almond Salad, which was amazing because I love fruit and chicken, but who knew I would love it together? This time I got the Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Cheddar (of course I asked for no cheese), Avocado, Lettuce & Chipotle Sauce. This was seriously so good that right now as I’m writing about it weeks later, my mouth is watering for it.

Chicken Bacon Avocado

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