Guacafornia: Irvine Adventures

What’s this, another consistent post? I’m on a roll and my time management skills are strong this semester! I’m back with Day 4 of Guacafornia! If you haven’t seen my previous 3 days/posts, head on over to Guacafornia and get caught up! On day 4 we had a mission of going to Slapfish, a “modern seafood shack” as well as Snow Monster, a dessert cafe; both of which I found out about on Instagram! It just so happened that UCI (University of California, Irvine) had this area called University Town Center that was full of shops and restaurants, two of them being Slapfish and Snow Monster! Being at UCI was so crazy because I couldn’t even imagine going to school there compared to SFU. It was such a big place that I imagine it would take so long to go from one class to another! (And I used to complain about how long it took to go to classes on the Burnaby campus compared to Surrey!) I’m also super jealous that they get all this cool food so close to campus.

We took an Uber to Irvine and walked around at first and found out that Slapfish is right across from Snow Monster, even better! I was debating between getting the Shrimp Roll, the Surf N Turf Lobster Burger or the Lobster Roll. I ended up getting the Lobster Roll because of all the photos I’ve seen of it online of huge piece of lobster sticking out of this roll. The ordering process was kind of weird because I wasn’t aware that all of the ‘entrees’ came with fries. When I tried ordering Chowder Fries (Natural-Cut fries smothered in Creamy Clam Chowder & Bacon) they asked me if I wanted to have it with the Lobster Roll I was ordering or my boyfriend’s Clobster Grilled Cheese (Crab and Lobster!). I asked if there was a different to substitute with the special fries, but they said no so I was kind of confused with why they couldn’t just add it to either of our sandwiches without asking me. After an awkward silence I just said to put it with my boyfriend’s grilled cheese, and I still don’t understand the difference. We also got a fountain soda because they have Batch Craft Soda (Gluten Free and made with Pure Cane Sugar) with some pretty unique flavours including Shirley Temple, Black Cherry and Pink Lemonade.

Clobster Grilled Cheese & Chowder Fries
Clobster Grilled Cheese & Chowder Fries

I didn’t eat the Clobster Grilled Cheese (because cheese) but I had a huge piece of lobster claw because my boyfriend isn’t the biggest fan of seafood and thought it had too much lobster (which is great for me because it tasted so good!) I was pretty impressed with the amount of meat in this Grilled Cheese (but less impressed with my own, more info below!) The chowder fries were amazing. The chowder tasted really good and understandably it made the fries soggy, but I was able to get past the soggy fries because the taste was so good. I wanted to order a cup of their Chowder itself but I was trying to save room to eat Snow Monster after! At the time, I didn’t know that you can also add a fried egg to the chowder fries as well, which I totally would have done!

Chowder Fries
Chowder Fries

My lobster roll was a bit of a disappointment compared to all the other photos of the lobster roll from other Slapfish locations. In the photos I’ve seen, theres pieces of lobster bursting out of the roll because of how much meat they put in it. In mine, it looked like such a small amount in comparison. It did however, taste really good. I just wish I had more.

L: Fries & Lobster Roll, R: Chowder Fries & Clobster Grilled Cheese
L: Fries & Lobster Roll, R: Chowder Fries & Clobster Grilled Cheese

I just realized how wordy my posts are as I’m writing them. I promise to be brief for this next part.
After Slapfish, we were super full so we hung out around UCI for a bit (aka took naps in the library LOL). We made our way to Snow Monster and ordered a Fruity Pebbles Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich with Strawberry Ice Cream, Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich, Strawberry Lemonade & Iced Matcha Green Tea.

Snow Monster
L to R: Strawberry Lemonade, Fruity Pebbles Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich with Strawberry Ice Cream, Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich & Iced Matcha Green Tea.

I think the macaron itself wasn’t that fresh. I felt that there was a taste to it that hinted to me that it had been there for a while, which wasn’t the best. The ice cream was really good however. And of course, it looks great in photos. The Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich tasted better but it was a bit hard to spoon parts of the cookie since theres an Oreo in it!

Overall, this was a good food day for us and we were super full when we got back to the hotel. This was one of the more relaxing days we had and it was a good break from hitting up the theme parks.

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