Guacafornia: Universal Donuts

Welcome to Day 6 of my Guacafornia series! As always, if you aren’t caught up with my past 5 days of my California trip, head over to Guacafornia and get reading, I’m almost done the series! Though the series is almost done, my California trip extended into a staycation for me in Vancouver and a double-vacation for my boyfriend who’s from Philadelphia. I’m considering writing short posts about a select few restaurants that we visited because I have so many photos from this two week long vacation!

Anyways, back to day 6! The activity for day 6 was going to Universal Studios! There’s actually not that much to talk about on this day because the food we ate wasn’t particularly exciting. Had an early transit time to get to the park so we just brought Boxed Egg Salad Sandwiches to eat!

The most exciting thing we ate while at the park was Dippin’ Dots! I love getting Dippin’ Dots whenever I see their stand because it’s so rare. I also always get the same flavour, Banana Split, every time because I’m bad with change and trying new things as you may know. We sat down with our Dippin’ Dots (Matt got Cookies & Cream) and watched the Animal Actors show at Universal, which was pretty entertaining and cute.

Cookies and Cream & Banana Split Dippin' Dots
Cookies and Cream & Banana Split Dippin’ Dots

I don’t even want to talk about what we had for dinner because it was so sad. We had to leave the park at dinner time and we rushed trying to find something to eat quickly to make it back to the bus so it wasn’t fun.

However, we did have time to try out M&M Donuts in Anaheim! I did lots of research before the trip (I mention this every time just to show how intense I was about this food trip) trying to find anything that I HAD to visit in the area. M&M Donuts popped up on my radar after seeing really good reviews for it on Yelp! It also had interesting factors to it. 1. It opened at 9:30pm, 2. Lines were said to be 3 hours long because the blueberry donuts are made upon order 3. Their blueberry donuts were out of this world. This meant I had to go. We decided to walk from our hotel at around 8:45 and we got there at around 9:10, maybe later? There was only 1 couple there when we got there so I was super excited that we beat the impending crowd. We ordered 4 blueberry donuts, 1 oreo donut and 1 m&m donut. The oreo and m&m donuts were already made so we didn’t have to wait for those. However, the 4 blueberry donuts took around 20 minutes to be ready. The wait wasn’t bad and the line didn’t seem to be that crazy by the time we got our donuts. The blueberry donuts though. Words can’t express how amazing they are when eaten straight out of the fryers. Sooo delicious. It’s hard to compare them to any other donut that i’ve had before because it was just so different.

Excuse the VERY unappealing photo. I didn’t have the best lighting and surroundings to work with.

Blueberry Donuts, Oreo Donut & M&M Donut
Blueberry Donuts, Oreo Donut & M&M Donut

Side note: I just went back and read Yelp reviews of M&M Donuts and one of them talked about the crowds that come here and described them as “baby Asians or dopey college kids.” I’m laughing so hard right now because both of those apply to me. I’m not even insulted

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