Lettuce Eat Salad!

The best part about having a class at the Downtown campus is all the great restaurants nearby! I recently found out about this new salad place called Field & Social that serves beautiful looking salad in an amazing looking space. The place itself is definitely my style, it’s very minimalist white and wood with copper accents and it’s just beautiful to look at.

The first time I visited, it was just after PUB101 lecture and it was extremely packed for a Tuesday. I spent a really long time trying to decide what I wanted to try (I’m super indecisive when it comes to ordering food) but a slightly good thing was that I had a lot of time since the line ended at the entrance of the place. I ended up going with the Black Kale Caesar (with no cheese) ($13) and a ramen egg add on ($2). I’m going to leave my Instagram caption embedded (excuse the excessive amount of tags…) in the photo so you can see my reaction to this (really expensive but delicious) salad. The reasons why it was amazing was that the kale didn’t taste bad like how kale usually does and the chicken was really well prepared and super flavourful. The ramen egg was also delicious as expected, but I would have liked it to have been a bit less cooked.  

I’m literally eating this right now but IM OBSESSED. Black Kale Caesar (without cheese) and a Ramen Egg added on! (thanks to @phancouver for the recommendation!) You guys. this is so good. Also expensive but I dont even go downtown that much so its ok! It also looks really nice inside like I want to stay there forever but it was packed so I couldn’t 🙁 What do you do when salad is so good you wanna cry? Anyways i’m going to go back to devouring this now. . . . . . #food #instagood #vcbfood #instago #instalike #love #followme #foodpics #delicious #foodie #instafood #tasty #yum #yummy #delish #foodgasm #foodporn #hungry #foodphotography #igdaily #igfood #vaneats #vancouverfood #vancouverfoodie #vancityeats #yvreats #eats #fooddairy #amazing #salad

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After my first visit, I was hooked. I wanted to go back and get the exact same thing again. However, I remembered that I needed to get different photos of different salads because that’s what people would like to see from me. I got the Pulled Beef & Squash salad ($14.5) the next time, and I wasn’t the biggest fan of it because of one tiny thing. The pulled beef was super flavourful and it tasted good, and same goes for the squash. The only thing that I didn’t like just happened to change the taste of the whole salad. There were a lot of pieces of mint in the salad and every bite I took had the taste of mint that I just thought was really weird. I’m a picky eater and I’m not a huge fan of things like mint, cilantro and parsley so this meant that I had to pick out all the tiny mint pieces in order for my salad to not taste like mint completely.

Pulled Beef and Squash

The second salad was the Sen Lek Smoked Tofu Salad ($12.5) and I only tried a bite of it. There was also mint in this so I tasted mint, and I also got a lot of noodle. I didn’t get to try the tofu but it looked good. The ramen egg comes with the salad in this one so I think this one is a bit worth it since it’s the cheapest one on the menu. I think anything that comes with an egg is worth buying because I love eggs.

sen lek smoked tofu

Overall, I really love the atmosphere of this restaurant as well as their Black Kale Caesar. It also makes you look super healthy if you come here for lunch before going to eat cake after your tutorial (I did this). If you go here, I recommend you to not show up at lunch time, unless you have time to wait in line because there are a lot of offices near here so it gets packed really fast. However, they do allow take out and they pack it up really nice too!

Field & Social
415 Dunsmuir Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1X4
778 379-6500

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  1. Great post! This restaurant is really close to where I work so I hope to check it out I the near future. Thanks for making multiple visits!

    1. Thanks for checking out my post! That’s great! I definitely recommend the Black Kale Caesar with a Ramen Egg! So delicious!

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