Let’s Taco ‘Bout Tacoreano

Every Sunday I go to Coquitlam for brunch and I pass by this place called Tacoreano advertising Asian Fusion Mexican food. I’ve been keeping an eye on their shop waiting for them to open and they finally did! I stopped by their grand opening to try out their food.

First, I asked about the sizes of their tacos because I wanted to try a couple of the flavours, and they told me that they recommend I get 2 (2 for $10). I wanted to try 4, but I guess i’ll come back next time to try the other flavours that I missed! I got the Tuna Taco and the Beef Taco.


The Tuna Taco has Albacore Tuna Poke, Romaine, Wakame, Ginger and Wasabi Mayonesa. I’m not a fan of tuna usually, and the only reason why I ordered this was because I know that other food bloggers love tuna so I need to make sacrifices to try to be cool and fit in (please read in a sarcastic tone). I was pleasantly surprised with the good amount of tuna on this taco, I’m not great at eating tacos and this meant I had a lot of the insides fall out of the taco on me. I also forgot that there was ginger in this (I’m also not a fan of ginger, I made so many sacrifices for the blog!) so I took a huge bite and got the strong taste of ginger that I dislike, so afterwards I just took it out of my taco.

tuna taco

The Beef Taco has thinly sliced Rib-Eye Beef marinated in soy based Korean Seasoning, Cabbage, Salsa Fresca, Kimchi and Sriracha Mayo. This one was something I ordered that had all the good stuff I liked! I realized that tacos are super messy for me to eat and this one had liquid from the tomato dripping out as I ate it. The spiciness from the kimchi and sriracha mayo were all the spicy I needed and it’s funny because they have a whole shelf of more than 20 different hot sauces that you could put in your food and I couldn’t even imagine handling more than what I already had. But I did hear them recommend the Pineapple or Mango hot sauce, which sounds innocent enough, right?

beef taco

I can’t eat a lot of food so I invited my mom to come in order to be able to get photos of another thing on their menu, the Fresh Kimchi Rice Bowls ($10.75). My mom got the Beef one, which is basically the same as the beef taco minus the tortilla. The Fresh Kimchi Rice Bowls have Rice, Romaine Lettuce, Fresh Kimchi, Cucumber Slaw, Pickled Daikon, Salsa Fresca topping, Chogochujang Sauce and is garnished with Kaiware. The kimchi rice bowls had a lot of rice (which is kind of expected but my mom made the comment anyways). She also mentioned that she wished there was more beef to balance out the big amount of rice.

kimchi bowl

The last thing we got was dessert. They currently have 4 desserts and they all sound pretty good. I got the Lemon Curd Jar ($6) because I saw someone else get it and it looked cute (always thinking about the photos). The lemon curd jar had butter graham crumb, lemon curd, whipped cream and lemon zest. Overall, it was pretty tasty because I love citrus-y flavours and I’m looking forward to trying their other desserts!

lemon curd


#100-2970 Glen Dr,
Coquitlam, BC
V3B 0C4
(604) 944-2929

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