guacarons: the origins

This website was created as an extension of my currently existing food photography Instagram, guacarons. I first created guacarons in June of 2014 because I found that I kept taking photos of appealing meals but I didn’t have a platform to post them onto. Having them on my personal Instagram would annoy my friends that wouldn’t want to see continuous photos of food (wrong public?), and posting them on Facebook would reach an even wider audience of my peers. Where did I come up with the name guacarons? It’s 2 of my favourite things, guacamole and macarons. I actually came up with the name before I created the Instagram account. Here is the actual tweet I had tweeted when I coined the word.

The Vancouver food scene is a very interesting public. There are food critics that judge every meal they eat, food photographers that post a nice photo with a short description, and food lovers that just post whatever they want. I am not a food critic. I find it very hard to have many opinions about what I’m eating and I feel that I’m not the best at describing how I like/dislike a dish. I also feel that I may not be the best judge of food based on my specific preferences, a big one being that I don’t like cheese. However, I am aware that everyone else also has their own preferences and they could be similar to my own but food critiquing is not a strong suit of mine. However, as a member of the Vancouver food scene, I occasionally get invited to media events for new restaurants which is going to be the topic of my new few blog posts. Something to expect in my “reviews” or experiences of these events are going to be more about the social aspect than how certain food tastes to me. Also, there will be mentions of how I see design in food, including presentation of food, the atmosphere/appearance of the restaurants and their logos and menus.

Lucky's Donuts
Image: Jeannie Wong

Although I began my food instagram in my first year of university, I developed an interest in food photography in my last year of high school. I was in a Photography 12 course and for my final project I decided to explore food photography. Below is my setup for a makeshift studio for taking photos of starfruit and the outcome.

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