You want a pizza me?

It was a surprisingly warm and sunny day in mid-December, we were going on a day trip to Granville Island so what could go wrong?

The day started out very promising. I woke up at 7am trying to think of ways to kill time for 4-5 hours in Yaletown and I remembered going Granville Island by ferry with my grandparents when I was younger. We walked around the Public Market until we got hungry, which was when I suggested going to the soup/pie store at the market, A La Mode.

If you’ve ever been to the Public Market at Granville Island, you’d know that during lunch time (or anytime really) the very limited amount of seating areas are always full. It’s a struggle trying to find a spot without standing in front of a nice family and staring at them while they slowly eat their food to try to silently convince them to leave. The boyfriend was holding my Mushroom Pot Pie and Banana Cream Pie while we were navigating around the area trying to find a spot and I was holding his 2 huge slices of pizza.

Mushroom Pot Pie


Here’s a bit of foreshadowing that definitely warned me of my impending doom. While we were buying the pizza I saw a sign that said something along the lines of “don’t bring the pizza outside or else you’re an idiot because the pigeons and seagulls will come at you.” Here’s what went wrong, after walking around for what felt like 10 minutes I just wanted to eat my puff pastry soup before it got cold so I suggested we look outside. I didn’t forget about all the birds outside, I just didn’t think they would do anything because I’ve seen people eat pizza outside all the time. So we went outside. I made it outside first, and I think I took 4 steps and then it happened. It’s like all the randomly dispersed pigeons and seagulls all laid their eyes on me all at the same time. I was ambushed by all the flying creatures all at once, it was a blur. I was instantly mobbed, I saw flashes of white and as a reflex I swung my arm to what was trying to get into my personal bubble. I’m pretty sure I whacked a bird (sorry, they attacked me first) and I also screamed. Somehow some of the birds got away from me, I turned around and saw my boyfriend’s shocked face while still my tray of soup & pie and made a run for it back inside. After safely making my way inside, I looked down at the pizza and there it was, a chunk of the pizza was stole from the birds. I think everyone sitting outside had a great time laughing at my misfortunes and I was just shocked and scared for life. I instantly regret going outside and not holding my own food. Since I still am an avid food photographer, I still remembered to take a photo of the resulting pizza after my altercation.


Pro tip: never do what I did, learn from my mistakes.


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