Journal #2

How does one create a food blog that’s different from what everyone else is doing already? I discovered that my take on creating a food blog is to talk as little as I can about food (which sounds like a weird concept) and more about the experiences and thoughts I have when I am eating food. I’m still in the process of discovering how I can still manage to incorporate food into my blog posts each week where food might not be the main topic.

Another thing to consider this week was the “About” page on my website. I feel like i’ve had to write so many of these for my own portfolio and profiles in general. But how do I describe myself to someone who knows nothing about me? Do I really even know that much about myself to write anything significant? What else could I write other than things I know that are certain, like I’m a third year student at SFU. I like eating food, taking photos as well as naps. Is my “About” page on this blog supposed to be in a professional tone like how my portfolio is, or is it casual like how I’ve been writing my blog posts? Would using the same paragraph I use in my about section on my portfolio be bad? It’s basically just about me though, which is the point of the page!

One of the readings talked about promoting and branding yourself becoming a norm in people’s lives, especially on the internet. As a food instagrammer there was definitely a need to establish who I am and what makes me different from other instagram users that post food photos as well. You need to create a brand for yourself to get more people interested in what you’re doing and how it’s different from others. If you’re just like every other food blogger why are you worth following? I think what I try to go for on Instagram is weird and short-ish captions that are slightly entertaining. This is how I got the idea of my blog’s concept with writing as little about my opinion on food as possible and focusing on photos more.

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