Journal #4

The speed dating session during lecture was really interesting. Although I didn’t really get much feedback on how to improve my blog or any tips on how I should be shaping it, I really liked learning about all my different classmate’s blogs. It’s really interesting what topics people came up with to write about. During each round I made sure to ask the person what they’ve written about so far so I could get a better idea of what direction they wanted to take their blog, to see if it could give me inspiration on mine. I also met some people that actually recognized my blog after I finished blurting out my spiel, which was cool because it meant that what I’m writing is actually being read by people! I think it’s easy to be be oblivious and unaware with your audience when you’re just writing a blog without an intended audience in mind, but with things like Google Analytics and actually meeting people that have read your posts, it makes writing seem more “real” because people are actually reading it.

Another thing that happened during lecture was the Skype call with Ashleigh Gardner from Wattpad. I’ve heard about Wattpad before through friends and I just thought it was a place where people posted fan fiction. I didn’t know that there was such a big community there that was actually really interactive with each other. Learning more about it makes me want to go check it out, but I feel like i’d get absorbed into it and I wouldn’t pay attention to my other assignments, whoops!

The readings/video of this week was from Gabe Reilich, a creative strategist at GOOD. To summarize, he made a video with the hashtag #ImVotingBecause and tweeted it to his small number of followers but tagged someone with more followers than him to post and so on. It them started this chain reaction of more and more people using the hashtag and talking about it. It was really interesting seeing something from someone with a very small audience skyrocket into a really popular post by gaining traction. I think a little part of it had to do with the original poster’s ‘status’ as a creative strategist but it was still interesting to see it grow so much.

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