Journal #7

While looking through the slides from the first reading, I didn’t really know what to make of all that information. I’m currently in a Visual Analytics class and I felt like I was looking at stuff related to that, but I think I’m kind of clueless with both those things. However, I did see the part where it compares the ‘then’ and ‘now’ with older applications/softwares/tasks that are now optimized and flexible on handheld portable devices. My dad recently got DocuSign after a client of his requested to use it because the client heard of its convenience, it had been around for a while but he never installed it because he was so used to getting people to sign things the ‘old fashioned way’ with pen and paper. He ended up getting it at the client’s request and when he had other clients, he tried to get them to sign papers through that, but those clients were unsure of it because they were so used to the way that seemed more reliable because it had a physical paper copy. The clients that didn’t want to use it were actually avid technology users so it’s interesting how even though they use technology for so many other things, having a digital application replace pen and paper was weird and not trustworthy or too much effort. Sure DocuSign can “reduce transaction costs and improve transaction times” but there was still a lack with trust with this situation. This was from the essay but does this say something about the shift from print to digital? Are there things that just can’t be shifted due to a reliance/trust in print? Signatures are connected to a person and forgery is an issue, so if people try to do all these things on devices is it too risky?

In labs this week, Peter Cocking critiqued a few of our blogs. My feedback was more on typography, changing my typeface to one with wider characters, having a tighter leading, making the green of my title more of a  “fresh” green colour to relate to food and also using a banner to make my food blog look more about food. After looking around the customization of my theme, the only thing I can alter is the colour of the title, which is unfortunate. I’m not sure if I should look for a new theme in order to change my design to fit with my feedback (I’m kind of attached to it even though that article from last week said not to be attached.. but I didn’t even make this theme so it’s ok right?). I think I’ll go explore the themes page once more to try to find some similar themes that offer more customization. When I took my IAT web design course in 2nd year I was also doing a weekly project/presentation intensive course at the same time so that got all my time and focus instead of the web design one which I regret now because being able to design my own blog would be amazing to alter whatever I wanted.


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