Journal #9


I’m considering changing my theme for my blog because I recently found a new theme that I feel like would present my content better. However, after reading my design peer review that a fellow classmate wrote, they didn’t really say anything negative towards my design. Currently, for each of my posts if I want to display a featured image, the full sized image appear on my blog and I feel that in terms of balance it looks way too big. I’m also remembering Peter Cocking’s suggestion of adding a banner onto my home page as well as changing the typeface to something that has wider characters and tighter leading. The theme that I found lets the user customize much more things, which is good because there might be specific adjustments I want to make to fit my content better. In terms of specifying goals, I would like to hopefully integrate my content onto the new theme seamlessly so that everything fits well. I may also consider asking around for people’s opinions on my current theme in comparison to my potential one (perks of being in SIAT is that I have so many friends that are knowledgable in design and have many opinions on it).

In terms of the readings this week, I find it interesting that this classes and another class I am taking (IAT 355, Visual Analytics) are talking about the same thing, data. In visual analytics, we are currently searching for datasets that we can compile together to create a visualization that answers research questions. I know that data is really important for understanding and knowledge of information, and how it’s presented play a big part in how it’s comprehended. It makes me wonder if theres a limit on how much data is stored online and where it all goes. From the other readings, I wasn’t aware there were different terms for where you share things. I always send my friends links to photos of food on Instagram or video links I see on Facebook, and now I know that it’s referred to as dark social. It was said that sharing through dark social is hard to measure in terms of references to links and views. Something that I’m considering now is looking at a Google Analytics for my Instagram account, I think that finding out when is the best time to post or what kind of photos get the most likes would be interesting information for me to use. For now, I think I get the most likes when I post in the morning (when everyone is commuting to work/school) but I’m interested to know if that’s actually true or not. My likes-followers ratio feels really off, I get less than 200 likes per post but I have almost 1600 followers.

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