For the remix assignment, I decided to take photos I took for a future blog post and make a collage out of them, David Hockney style. David Hockney is a painter and photographer, his most well known style of photography is composing photographic collages. The collages are presented the way they are because a single photograph can only show one perspective/point of view. However, when composing a number of slightly photos together of different views, it creates a more dynamic and in my case slightly chaotic image, which can alter your perception of the photo. The original photo, went from a calm and composed image of a cake and drink to a hectic and uniquely shaped (as a whole) image. Since I had taken the photos with the sole intention of using them for a future blog post, I didn’t try to capture the image with a big variety of angles and perspectives. I did however, take photos from various distances which helped make my creation a bit different.

This is the original photo/main view:


This is the collage in the style of David Hockney:



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