Whining and Dining

Last summer, I went to Mexico with Jeannie (I tag her every blog post because we always eat together but go visit her blog, wongzi) and somehow my dad convinced us to go to a “Chocolate and Wine” tasting session. I was reluctant at first because I’m not a fan of wine unless it doesn’t taste like […]

Journal #8

This week is the week where one of our classmates critiques the design of our blogs. I really wish I paid more attention to IAT 235 instead of solely focusing on 233 at times like these because then I could code and manipulate any aspect of my blog I wanted. I wouldn’t be confined to […]

Peer Review #1

For the peer reviews of our first essay, I reviewed Vicky Hsu’s “The Adverse Impact of Selfies: Mentally, Physically, Environmentally.” In her essay, she discusses the phenomenon of selfies, also known as self-portraiture and how they can affect the lives of the individual taking the selfie mentally and physically as well as the environment around […]

Journal #7

While looking through the slides from the first reading, I didn’t really know what to make of all that information. I’m currently in a Visual Analytics class and I felt like I was looking at stuff related to that, but I think I’m kind of clueless with both those things. However, I did see the […]

Port-Land of Food

When you’re a foodie, the best thing to do is to surround yourself around with people that also love food. I’m so relieved that my friends also love food as much as I do because it means I can convince them to go on a Portland trip with me solely to eat food. This trip included getting up at […]