Peer Review #3

The Monochrome Life is a lifestyle blog from the perspective of a student from Vancouver. Her intended audience seems to be young individuals who are also into similar interests and wanting to know more about her life. Each of her blog posts features a short description of her week as well as a photo. Many of her posts are about personal things like her relationship so a suggestion could be to tie together the photo with something that happened in her week? After going through each of The Monochrome Life’s blog headlines, which are referred to as a ‘Weekly Significant Event’, most of them seemed to grab my attention, but I felt that the posts were too short and condensed. If there were more detail or elaboration of each of the posts, they would be able to fulfill my interest.

A way to increase her marketability could be to contact companies that are looking for landscape photography, which seems to be what she concentrates on. By taking photos for them, they could in return credit/advertise her blog to gain more readers.

It seems that this blog doesn’t have any social media integration since it’s made to be slightly ‘anonymous’. I think that if the creator were more open to implementing social media like Instagram or Twitter, it could be a more useful way to attract more readers from those places to read her blog. I think the main reluctance to integrate social media seems to come from the idea that it will make her blog no longer ‘private’, but making a separate Instagram/Twitter account that’s just for The Monochrome Life seems like a beneficial alternative; that way they can still be able to integrate social media into their blog to gain more readers. With Instagram, she could showcase more of her photos since this is partly a photography blog, it’d be more beneficial to present more of her photography and attract viewers from there, since each blog post seems to only have 1 photo each. With Twitter, it’d be good to utilize their platform as a way to post quick weekly occurrences as well as a link to a blog post that describes the event in more detail.

There needs to be a bit more content (more photos, more writing) to fully balance itself out as a photography and diary-style blog, I like where it’s going but it feels like it’s missing something. The blog itself is quite interesting based on the events relayed by the author, but sometimes the posts are quite short, making me want to know more. It also feels like the photos are just in the background not getting enough attention and focus, maybe with more photos or a way to connect them back to the written portion of the post they will be brought into the foreground and feel more unified.

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