Here’s the Scoop

I have a decent amount of ice cream photos on my Instagram and I’m going to try something new where instead of posting a photo, I’m going to embed some old Instagram photos since I just learned how to last week and write a short blurb about each one! I’m pretty boring and safe when it comes […]

Whining and Dining

Last summer, I went to Mexico with Jeannie (I tag her every blog post because we always eat together but go visit her blog, wongzi) and somehow my dad convinced us to go to a “Chocolate and Wine” tasting session. I was reluctant at first because I’m not a fan of wine unless it doesn’t taste like […]

guacarons: the origins

This website was created as an extension of my currently existing food photography Instagram, guacarons. I first created guacarons in June of 2014 because I found that I kept taking photos of appealing meals but I didn’t have a platform to post them onto. Having them on my personal Instagram would annoy my friends that wouldn’t […]