Guacafornia: Irvine Adventures

What’s this, another consistent post? I’m on a roll and my time management skills are strong this semester! I’m back with Day 4 of Guacafornia! If you haven’t seen my previous 3 days/posts, head on over to Guacafornia and get caught up! On day 4 we had a mission of going to Slapfish, a “modern seafood shack” […]

Journal #11

This section on marketing is really interesting, it kind of helps you figure out your ‘priorities’ on blogging and the balance you need to achieve it. On one hand, you want to write things that you want to write about and are passionate about, but on the other hand what if the content you know […]

Journal #9

  I’m considering changing my theme for my blog because I recently found a new theme that I feel like would present my content better. However, after reading my design peer review that a fellow classmate wrote, they didn’t really say anything negative towards my design. Currently, for each of my posts if I want to […]