Journal #12

After reading Adam Goldenberg’s article Online Anonymity is the Last Refuge of Cowards, it made me think more about anonymity on the internet and whether it’s good or bad. Certainly, there must be both positive and negative factors to anonymity like your own privacy on the internet to prevent unwanted strangers from seeing your information is a positive factor. […]

Journal #11

This section on marketing is really interesting, it kind of helps you figure out your ‘priorities’ on blogging and the balance you need to achieve it. On one hand, you want to write things that you want to write about and are passionate about, but on the other hand what if the content you know […]

Journal #10

In Joe Lazauskas’ article Why ‘Depth Not Breadth’ Will Be the Rallying Cry of Content Marketing in 2015 he talks about how all these different measures we use today to figure out the amount of ‘engagement’ on a post or website isn’t perfect. The number of unique visitors, the total time spent reading, the number of shares, likes […]

Journal #8

This week is the week where one of our classmates critiques the design of our blogs. I really wish I paid more attention to IAT 235 instead of solely focusing on 233 at times like these because then I could code and manipulate any aspect of my blog I wanted. I wouldn’t be confined to […]

Journal #7

While looking through the slides from the first reading, I didn’t really know what to make of all that information. I’m currently in a Visual Analytics class and I felt like I was looking at stuff related to that, but I think I’m kind of clueless with both those things. However, I did see the […]

Journal #4

The speed dating session during lecture was really interesting. Although I didn’t really get much feedback on how to improve my blog or any tips on how I should be shaping it, I really liked learning about all my different classmate’s blogs. It’s really interesting what topics people came up with to write about. During each […]

Journal #3

From this week’s readings, the one that spoke/stuck with me the most was “Facebook Tinkers with Users’ Emotions in News Feed Experiment” by Vindu Goel. It made me consider the susceptibility of a person being affected by what they see online. I understand that when someone sees a post online with a negative (sad, mad?) tone it […]

Journal #2

How does one create a food blog that’s different from what everyone else is doing already? I discovered that my take on creating a food blog is to talk as little as I can about food (which sounds like a weird concept) and more about the experiences and thoughts I have when I am eating food. […]