Peer Review #3

The Monochrome Life is a lifestyle blog from the perspective of a student from Vancouver. Her intended audience seems to be young individuals who are also into similar interests and wanting to know more about her life. Each of her blog posts features a short description of her week as well as a photo. Many […]

Journal #11

This section on marketing is really interesting, it kind of helps you figure out your ‘priorities’ on blogging and the balance you need to achieve it. On one hand, you want to write things that you want to write about and are passionate about, but on the other hand what if the content you know […]

Here’s the Scoop

I have a decent amount of ice cream photos on my Instagram and I’m going to try something new where instead of posting a photo, I’m going to embed some old Instagram photos since I just learned how to last week and write a short blurb about each one! I’m pretty boring and safe when it comes […]

Peer Review #2

This week I get to review Samantha Tsui’s blog The Good Food Project. From a first glance, the homepage is clean, organized and simple. The size of the photos that lead to the blog posts are a good size, they allow the user to get an idea of what the post will be about without having […]

Whining and Dining

Last summer, I went to Mexico with Jeannie (I tag her every blog post because we always eat together but go visit her blog, wongzi) and somehow my dad convinced us to go to a “Chocolate and Wine” tasting session. I was reluctant at first because I’m not a fan of wine unless it doesn’t taste like […]

Journal #8

This week is the week where one of our classmates critiques the design of our blogs. I really wish I paid more attention to IAT 235 instead of solely focusing on 233 at times like these because then I could code and manipulate any aspect of my blog I wanted. I wouldn’t be confined to […]